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Antiques & Collectibles: Bottles & Glass

Atwood's Jaundice Bitters bottle - Georgetown, Mass.

Wonderful raised (embossed) design - Nice and Clean

Terrific antique bottle, which once contained Atwood's Jaundice Bitters (Formerly made by Moses Atwood), it's a 12 sided design and is the Early Blow-In-Mold style. May be as old as the 1890's or 1900's.

The bottle came from a 2 piece mold, and has a hand-finished neck, tell-tale sign of the BIM (Blown-In-Mold) period.

The bottom has a raised M1 mold indicator on the bottom. Measuring 6 1/4" Tall by 2 1/8" Diameter.

Condition is Excellent / Outstanding, with No Chips, No Cracks, No Scratches, Very Little Signs of Wear. Terrific Agua blue coloring with wonderful small air-bubbles throughout.

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