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1994 Walking Liberty (Silver Eagle) One Dollar Coin

1oz. Fine Silver

Silver Eagles are one of the world's most popular silver bullion coins and a welcome addition to any coin collection.

Minted in 1994; Beautiful design - features Adolph Weinman's walking Liberty on the face and a heraldic eagle with symbolism representing the original 13 colonies on back; Measures approx 1.6" in diameter; Weighs approx. 1 oz.
Contains approx. 1 oz. fine silver

Condition is Excellent/Outstanding with no Damage, an Outstanding look and feel, Only very, very minor imperfections.

Please Note: I have 2 of these in stock, with access to about 20 more, all are 1994, all are appx. of the same grade/condition. If interested in more, please contact me.

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Inventory No. 389099602
Quantity Avaialble [ 2 ]