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First Issue U.S. Inter. Revenue 50 Cent Conveyance Revenue Stamp

Scott Catalog No. R54 color Red (blue)

Very nice looking Revenue stamp attached to a document fragment. The document was perhaps a deed, or certainly some other type of legal contract. This fragment clearly states Ontario County, State of New York on the back side.

The fragment measures appx. 4" wide by 2 3/4" tall. The stamp is hand cancelled lightly in fountain ink with the date April 1st, 1869.

Stamp is a First Issue, Scott Catalog no. R54 Conveyance revenue featuring George Washington and has a face value of fifty cents.

Condition is Very Good / Excellent, with no rips, no tears, no stains, no soiling, no modern writing, no problems... It is a great document frag. with a stamp... I really wish it were the entire document... but what can you do.

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